Alexander’s ‘Old Trails and Tales of Tennessee’ republished in 2023

Harbert Alexander’s collectible book, “Old Trails and Tales of Tennessee,” has been republished in 2023. Third party sellers have tripled the price on old copies since the book was out of print. The Alexander family has republished the book with HillHelen Group Publishers so that it is available for $25. To get a copy for your collection of Harbert Alexander’s books, “Old Trails” is available from the family and from HHG.

Harbert Alexander Sr. will always be remembered as a fine author: ‘Turnaround’ will be printed for Christmas 2022; ‘Old Trails and Tales of Tennessee’ will be republished

Cover of “Turnaround” by artist Wanda Stanfill is in progress! “Turnaround” is Harbert Alexander’s first novel and last book. He tells the story of a young baseball player, Cole Adams, plagued by a bully in school. Cole overcomes being the small preacher’s kid to find himself playing Major League baseball. Along the way, life sends Cole some serious curve balls. Also, a new cover and some changes to ‘Old Trails and Tales of Tennessee’ are coming. The book was first published in 2004 and remains a collector’s item nationwide.

Virtual Book Talk 12/3/2020

Thank you for attending my Virtual Book Talk on 12/3/2020. Several of you mentioned you might want to share the recording. I talked about the characters who made history in West Tennessee from my previous books. I also talked about my upcoming fiction novel, Turnaround, in which a young man wants to become a baseball player, but life has a way of throwing curve balls. He ends up as a Presbyterian minister instead. Telling stories about our history and discussing writing and my books is something I surely enjoy. If you think your book club or friends would like me to give another Virtual Book Talk, email me at, and we’ll set it up!

Enjoyed signing books in Purdy, Tenn.

I had a great time visiting in Purdy and talking about my books, “Echoes and Footprints” and “Soldiers, Saints & Sinners.” And I always have my older books with me as well — six books now and counting. I’m working on my novel now. Thanks for the invitation. Anytime I can talk about West Tennessee history is a good day!

‘Echoes and Footprints’ up for history award

What a great day for me in Jackson, Tenn.! My latest book, “Echoes and Footprints,” is up for a Regional History award in the Benjamin Franklin Awards contest sponHA-bookcover-0923-2017-LRsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association. My publisher, The HillHelen Group, nominated my book for the contest. More news to come in March!

I loved writing the history of West Tennessee in this book — so many true stories of the war heroes,  the people who changed our lives in good ways, such as Sue Shelton White, suffragist, who led the way in Tennessee to the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, and the villains, whose criminal actions also changed our part of the state. We have such characters in history whose true stories are intriguing.

If you haven’t purchased the book yet, I have book signings coming up, one in Trenton and one in Humboldt, details to follow on day, time and location.